I just started my youtube page. For now, it consists of 6 playlists:

1. Expat Diary: This is a platform for people who live or have lived outside of their native country to tell an interesting anecdote about that experience.

2. Can We Agree on This?: Here I interview people with more knowledge than me on just about any subject of interest.

3. YNP10: A mini-interview consisting of ten questions to be answered with only one word, a yes, no, or pass.

4. Things ‘n such: miscellany

5. Idea bank

6. KLA: A collection of some of my presentations for kla.tv.

Recently, Caitlin Johnstone made her articles copywright free and encouraged their republication, so I’ve taken a couple and put them in video form.

Here is the link to the youtube page: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC__uF6D7wpN5-KLwiOjEGwQ